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Services we offer

We offer a wide range of services. Here is a short description of each.

Industry Report

Who Gives Money to Whom in an Industry

We can provide you with a report identifying the agencies that buy products and services for all aspects of government business. Our reports allow you to see which agencies are spending money in your industry, as well as who they are buying from.

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Press Releases

Get Your Name Out There

Generating a news release helps you promote your company, products, and services to all your key audiences including consumers, business decision makers, the media, and bloggers.

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GSA Advantage Uploads

Once awarded a GSA schedule,  the schedule holder is required to upload the GSA approved products and/or services to the GSA Advantage! ® Web site.

• GSA holders have 6 months after award to upload your products/services

• After 6 months,  if not upload you will be in non-compliance

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GSA eBuy Monitoring

GSA’s RFQ Solution

Once a business has uploaded the awarded catalog to GSA Advantage! ®, information will simultaneously register the contract administrator on eBuy, GSA’s online Request for Quotes (RFQ) solution. By logging into the eBuy system, a GSA Holder can select categories for which to receive RFQ notices.

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GSA Modifications 

Changes Happen

A GSA holder may need to submit a GSA modification if they are already on a schedule and would like to make adjustments to their GSA contract.

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GSA Renewals

Renewing your Contract

Your GSA contracts expire after 5 years, if not renewed.

GSA holders have an option to renew their contract up to 3 times, for a total length of 20 years.

Several months before a contract expires, it is required to submit revised pricing, commercial sales practices and related certifications if a business is renewing their contract with GSA.

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GSA Mandatory Reporting 

GSA Form 72A, Contractor Report of Sales

GSA Schedule Contract Holders are required to report contract sales to the General Service Administration on a quarterly basis. GSA Holders must report the contract sales within 30 days of each quarter end, even if no sales were made through the contract.

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Email Campaigns 

Contact Those That Matter Most

Email campaigns will bring revenue, referrals, and repeat business through direct marketing practices, and will increase traffic on your Web Site.

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Bid Submissions

Research. Prepare. Submit.

The Proposal Services Department consists of a team possessing nearly 35 years of collective experience in research, writing, process management, and (RFP/RFQ) proposal work.

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Bid Opportunity Monitoring 

Don’t Miss Opportunities

Receive information identifying the agencies that buy products and services for all aspects of government business. Receive open solicitations based on NAICS codes.

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Web Site Development & Hosting

You Must Have Internet Presence

Our developers deliver polished and concise web sites that will represent the professional character of a client’s business online.

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Government-Only Web Page

Cater to Their Needs

A dedicated page is just what you need to make it even easier for government purchasing agents to order from you.

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Tradeshow Representation

Coming Soon!


Business Certification Assistance

Do you qualify for more opportunities?

Business certifications will give members a competitive advantage when doing business with the government and Corporate America. Procuring agencies have the authority to set acquisitions aside for businesses with these certifications. Members will benefit from one or multiple certifications, based on their business plan. A certification specialist will provide application assistance for federal, state and local government certifications, as well as national certifications.

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