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PAMCO is dedicated to the success of our clients. Our experts are qualified to assist GSA Schedule Holders with opportunity and exposure from beginning to end of the contract term.

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Starter Package – Get started today for a minimal investment.

Gold Package – Our Gold package is jam packed with services to help your company bring in more business.

Platinum Package – This package is for companies who need and want more than the gold package.

The General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) allows businesses to be part of the primary government acquisition program. This program simplifies the process of government spending by being the fastest, easiest and most effective contracting tools. The program is designed to assist all agencies with following commercial business practices and complying with the regulations involved in buying products and services. However, just because a business holds a GSA Schedule Contract, does not mean that the government money is going to come automatically. There are important steps to follow once awarded, and we are just the company to assist you with those tasks.

The GSA currently has over 19,000 contracts in place, and it grows everyday. Awarded Contract Holders must get ahead of the competition by utilizing the schedule award to its maximum potential. We can give you the tools and the information to help you reach that status.

With our basic Starter Package, our experts can get you on your way to making the most out of your contract award. We provide the research and leg-work on our end to help you succeed; freeing you up to do what you do best – run your business.

Our Starter Package will provide you with a Full Scale Report identifying Government buyers, how much money was spent and to whom within your industry. In addition, we will upload your products/services for you. And that’s not all. We’re even going to prepare quarterly press releases for you, which are distributed over the AP Wire. Marketing is the key to success with GSA. Let us show you the way.