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GSA Modifications

Changes Happen

A GSA holder may need to submit a GSA modification if they are already on a schedule and they would like to make adjustments to the GSA schedule.

General Modifications

Schedule holders can modify their contract to increase prices. The number of adjustments allowed per year is limited by the type of schedule. Some schedule holders may adjust their prices every year. The economic price adjustment allows schedule holders to alter prices by as much as 2-4%, as long as they can show proof they have raised their prices with their commercial clients.

The GSA may also make changes to the terms and conditions of a schedule (usually to the benefit of the vendor) requiring the GSA holder to comply with any requested information and modify their schedule accordingly.

Administrative Modification

Administrative modifications are simplified and allow a schedule holder to remove items or make changes, such as

  • Add or remove a negotiator
  • Update Point of Contact Information

Modification Package includes:

  • Up to 3 General Modifications
  • Up to 12 Administrative Modifications