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Industry Report

Who Gives Money to Whom in an Industry

We can provide you with a report identifying the agencies that buy products and services for all aspects of government business. Our reports allow you to see which agencies are spending money in your industry, as well as who they are buying from.

Expiring Contracts Report Contracting Officers Report
Forecasted Expiring Contracts through 2017

  • Expiration dates
  • Dollar amounts
  • Contract numbers
  • Contracting officers
  • Competitor information
Contracting officers who acquire products under your NAICS Codes

  • Agency contacts
  • E-Mail addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers
Business and Marketing Plan Report Competitive Analysis Report
Years of Industry-specific Data

  • Last year
  • This year
  • Forecasting data for the next five years

Total Government Figures

  • Money spent
  • Number of bids
  • Purchasing agencies
  • Expiring contracts
Industry-specific Networking Contacts

  • Government contractors
  • Potential teaming partners
  • Competitors

Detailed Company Information

  • Company contacts
  • E-Mail addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Addresses
  • CAGE Codes (Commercial and Government Entity Codes)