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GSA Requirements

GSA Schedule Contract Holders may be unaware of the requirements set in place by the General Services Administration. PAMCO is here to help you understand what the GSA expects throughout the term of the GSA Contract.

Get to Know the GSA

It is important to know key people from GSA and what they can do for you. Once awarded, businesses are assigned a Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO) and an Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO). An Industrial Operations Analyst (ACO) will visit the business for reporting to the PCO and ACO.

Reporting Requirements

Reporting GSA sales is critical. Once awarded, a business must submit sales reports, and fees must be remitted, every quarter. Quarterly sales reports and Industrial Funding Fees (IFF) remittances are due by January 30, April 30, July 30 and October 30 of each year of the term of the contract.

Uploading to GSA Advantage!®

Once awarded, a business has six (6) months to upload the awarded products and/or services to GSA Advantage! ®. Awarded businesses that do not perform the upload in the allotted time frame will be in non-compliance with the issued GSA Schedule, and are unable to obtain work through GSA

Registering with eBuy

Once a business has uploaded the awarded catalog to GSA Advantage! ®, information will simultaneously register the contract administrator on eBuy, GSA’s online Request for Quotes (RFQ) solution. By logging into the eBuy system, a business can select categories for which to receive RFQ notices.


GSA allows awarded business to adjust products and/or services included within the contract schedule. Changes to pricing, terms and conditions, or even point of contact information need to be performed in a timely matter to assure proper information, including billing, is viewed by purchasing agents.


GSA Contracts expire after five (5) years. However, GSA Holders have an option to renew the contract up to three (3) times, for a total length of twenty (20) years. If a contract is not renewed before the expiration, a business will be asked to submit a brand new GSA proposal, which can take up to a year.

Web Sites

GSA requests that all awarded businesses have an accessible Web Site to aide purchasing agents in the ordering process. The Web Site will be linked to the GSA Schedule Contract. Businesses should consider incorporating a federal buying section or page into a new or existing Web Site.

Monitoring Opportunities

Awarded businesses cannot expect to just sit back and make millions through the General Services Administration. To maximize the award benefits, business should always be actively pursuing open opportunities. Research for these opportunities can be extensive depending on industry.