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GSA Mandatory Reporting

GSA Form 72A, Contractor Report of Sales

GSA Schedule GSA Holders are required to report contract sales to the General Service Administration on a quarterly basis. Contractors must report the contract sales within 30 days of each quarter end, even if no sales were made through the contract.

Industrial Funding Fee (IFF)

GSA introduced the IFF requirement in April of 1995. The IFF is a fee paid by customers to cover GSA’s cost of operating the Federal Supply Schedules program. The fee is a percentage of reported sales under Schedules contracts. The fee is included in the price customer agencies pay the contractor when they purchase items from a MAS. The contractor remits the IFF due to GSA in the quarterly reporting. The IFF rate is set by the Commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service and is reviewed periodically.

GSA Quarters

January 1 through March 31

April 1 through June 30

July 1 through September 30

October 1 through December 31