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Bid Opportunity Monitoring

Don’t Miss Opportunities

Receive information identifying the agencies that buy products and services for all aspects of government business. Our reports allow you to see which agencies are spending money in your industry, as well as who they are buying from. Review open solicitations.

Our database system includes:

Directory of all Government activities

  • Tech data including 600,000 sets of drawings
  • Last price paid back to 1961

Database of 800,000 companies (610,000 emails)

  • By keyword
  • Federal Supply Group
  • Professional Service Class

Database of all procurement officials filtered by:

  • Zip
  • Agency
  • Professional Service Class
  • Federal Supply Class

95% of all service contracts come from existing contracts and tracking of all expiring contracts thru 2016

  • Available from NAICS
  • Key Words
  • Service code

Locate ALL Purchasing Agents within specific geographic areas

  • 12 months pf monitoring opportunities
  • Email correspondence with requests that fit capabilities